The Emotion that is Hate

Hatred is said to be the strongest of all emotions, with the ability to push people to limits and then supersede these limits and ingraining itself into the system of the hater. And yet, over centuries, it has held that to fight, it was necessary to hate, implying that if you are going to fight and fight well then you had to possess a deep hatred for one that you are going to fight.

But while hate is instigated by an external factor, it rarely affects the person it is directed towards but rather seems more painful to the bearer. In today’s world, most of the things that one may feel repulsed by, they can do nothing about, this means that the hatred they feel will just develop and grow causing a sort of cancer in one’s soul and mind.

Unlike other negative emotions such as anger or frustration, hatred does not subdue when the circumstance has passed but instead reviews every detail of the situation gaining more pain from it and therefore growing. As it grows, the more it takes over your life and you find that you put yourself out just so you can have nothing to do with this person or thing. In short, your life’s decisions become about that thing or person instead of about you.

It requires a lot of energy to sustain negative emotions and because of its continuous and growing nature, hatred takes up even more energy. It can suck all you mental, physical and emotional energy while the object of it is blissfully unaware of the harm that they are causing you. This is what makes hate so terrible, while you are being drained of energy, the cause remains unperturbed implying that apart from the incident where they hurt you, they continue to do so through your hatred for them.

Despite what most people believe, hate is not the direct opposite of love. Hatred is counteracted by indifference and if someone hurts you so badly that you never want to associate with them ever again, instead of plotting revenge and hating them for all eternity, try eliminating them from your life. You existed before them and you can exist after them, go on with your life and you will find that you are much happier than wallowing in the past.

Remember that forgiveness is not about the other person but more about you. When you forgive, you do not say that you did not mind what that person did to you but instead you acknowledge what they did while not letting it bother you and take over your life making you even more miserable. There is no person, dead or alive, who is worth you leading a miserable existence for something they did. So you should find peace and let your heart heal, instead of having a wound that will stay with you to the day you die i.e. let go and move forward.

As a final thought, it is important to realize that while some people may only hate someone who hurt them or something, there are others who will hate an entire group of people for no proper known reason whatsoever. In this category, we are faced with racists and religious extremists and this is the worst kind of hatred. It develops out of nowhere and as all emotions it is irrational and all consuming. This kind tends to hurt the hated more than the hater because it seems that it is the hater’s way of life. Some people are just sadists and it is best to steer clear of such people or they may poison your mind.

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  1. C said on July 20, 2011

    They say that love is blind. Hatred is blind, with poison arrows. Great article, I found it to be very true and encouraging.

  2. What do you do though, when you just can move past it no matter how hard you try. Is it possible for a person to just have a nature of hatred. Everyone says move past it ~ forgive ~ WHAT IF YOU CAN’T?! What do you do? Yes, I’ve been to therapist after therapist so what is wrong with me?

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