Idaho Producer Recalls Suspected Sprouts

A sprout producer in Idaho was forced to recall its spicy and alfalfa sprouts because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspects they may have caused the recent 21 cases of salmonella food poisoning in five states. Evergreen Produce located in Movie Spring, Idaho at first denied its sprouts could be the culprit. But, agency pressure forced the producer to recall its sprouts.

The FDA has also warned citizens to avoid eating the sprouts. Salmonella infection can even be fatal for people who have weak immune systems. Raw sprouts are known to cause illnesses because they are produced in warm and moist conditions which are conducive to bacteria growth.

Meanwhile in Europe, an unrelated E.coli outbreak suspected to be caused by contaminated sprouts has taken a toll of 49 people and affected the health of about 4,000 more.

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