Cotton Swabs Can Reduce Post-Surgical Infections Dramatically!

Stitching Together A WoundYou might be wondering how a simple cotton swab can reduce the infections when sophisticated medical technology cannot. Read on to find out the facts about this essential component of a medical kit.

Dr. Shirin Towfigh of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has proved that probing a wound very gently using a dry cotton swab after a surgery decreases the infections of post-surgical incision sites dramatically.

Only 3% of the patients who had this cotton swab probing done on a daily basis developed infection as opposed to 19% of those who did not.

Infections on the surgical area of the body are common in patients who have contaminated wounds (after trauma), perforated appendicitis or who undergo bowel surgery.

Although the exact mechanism by which the cotton swab prevents the infection is not known, the team opines that the probing aids in the draining of the contaminated fluid from the wound, thereby decreasing the spread of bacteria.

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