Bladder Control Problems Affecting More People in the US

A new survey of US adults reveals that more numbers are suffering from incontinence or loss of bladder control. Women are more affected as the number of female patients has increased since 2001.

Incontinence is very common among women because of vaginal childbirth, say the researchers. Other risk factors include weight gain, hormonal changes and conditions that impact the pelvic floor like chronic cough. All these risk factors can cause bladder control problems.

The researchers found that the rise in urinary incontinence (UI) in more women is because they are becoming older and suffer from risk factors like obesity and diabetes. Women thus need to prevent or manage diabetes and obesity to reduce the risk of suffering from UI.

The study also found a slight increase in UI among men. But, the risk factors in men are not diabetes or obesity, but other medical conditions.

The researchers say the actual numbers of UI patients may be much higher because many people may be too embarrassed to reveal they suffer from UI. This study was published recently in the Journal of Urology.

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