Nearsightedness Linked to Glaucoma

Nearsighted people have double the risk of also developing glaucoma, a deadly eye disease which can even cause blindness. This finding was revealed in a new study which summarized previous research. The study was published by Ophthalmology journal.

Greater than two million US citizens above the age of 40 suffer from glaucoma, whose treatment is becoming more and more expensive. Nearsightedness affects about 33% of the US population, and they may need to undertake regular eye screenings.

Glaucoma eye conditions impair the optic nerve and cause gradual vision loss. It can be treated with surgery and drugs, but if vision is lost, it cannot be restored.

The research found that nearsighted people were 90% more liable to also contract glaucoma. Higher myopia levels increased the glaucoma risk.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends all adults above the age of 40 to undergo regular eye check-ups. Blacks need to start earlier as they have a higher glaucoma risk.

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