17 Babies Die in Two Days at Indian Hospital

In India’s Kolkata city, 17 babies have died within two days at a government hospital. The state government is investigating this shocking incident.

TV channels broadcast heart-rending images of wailing and weeping parents at the B.C. Roy Hospital for Children, where the deaths occurred. The hospital defended itself saying the babies either suffered from low weight problems, septicemia or were premature. The hospital chief said the blame was not on the quality of medical care.

In 2006, 22 babies died within 72 hours at this same hospital because of septicemia, encephalitis, meningitis or premature birth. Government-run Indian hospitals are known to be ill-equipped to effectively manage the throng of patients who rush to them for cheap medical care.

In India there are about 48 infant deaths for every 1,000 live births. This statistic puts the nation 50th among 222 countries, and this average number of deaths is greater than the world average.

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