How to Deal With The Pain of Birth?

Most women live in fear of the pain of birth, and yet if we let that fear grip us then it would put a cease on the human race with fewer new births. It is said to be one of the most painful things a person can experience and it has been compared to something worse than having your toe cut off.

The pain comes as a result of pressure on the bladder by the child’s head, contraction of the vaginal and uterine walls. The modern day interferences with the natural birth process have also been said to increase the intensity of the pain. The pain can go from the cervix, abdomen, groin area, bladder, back to the thighs for some women.

However, most women are not bothered by the intensity of the pain itself but rather the recurring and continuous nature of the pain which can leave you wrecked. Some women decide to have a natural birth only for the pain to make that impossible and they later ask for pain relieving medication to take the edge off.

There has been some saying that it is possible for women to have natural painless births and that there is no need for the medications, but there is yet to be any woman who has gone on record and publicly claimed that she had a purely natural pain free birth. This does not mean that you can not have atleast a level of pain that is manageable and will not scare you off having children ever again.

There have been claims that the drugs used to alleviate the pain of birth actually do more damage to the mother and the child. Dr. Denis Walsh, a leading midwife, is one of the flag bearers of this view claiming that infact the women need to endure the pain. Apart from pointing out the problems with the medicine, he goes on to say that it is necessary in the formation of the mother-child bond for the mother to experience pain when giving birth.

But that is neither here nor there, what most women are interested in is something that will help reduce the excruciating pain of giving birth and make it more bearable. Here are some tips that should set you well on your way to a less painful birth.

  • Exercise either as part of your lifestyle or during the pregnancy unless your doctor recommends bed rest so as to be able to avoid any complications. People who exercise and do yoga are known to be more fit and therefore their muscles are better equipped to handle the pain at birth. For those who were not exercising before, you can try walking and jogging a little during the pregnancy. This exercises your muscles and also increases your pain threshold.
  • As preparation for the birth, you can go to Lamaze and Bradley classes, where you are shown stretching and breathing exercises that strengthen your muscles that support your uterus. These classes will tell you everything you need to know about being pregnant and the process of giving birth. They will help prepare you for the big day and will even tell you about any possible complications. This will give you confidence when going into labor and this goes a long way in improving your experience.
  • Hypnosis, meditation, and thinking about something else to distract yourself are also good ways of taking your mind off the pain, when in actual labor. If your mind if focused on something else then you are likely to feel the pain less. This however may not be so possible especially as you have to stay alert or if you are in labor for a long time.
  • And finally, if all this fails then you can ask for the medication used to relieve the pain. It is best for you to hold on as much as possible as some of this medication may affect not only you but the baby as well. The medications include Analgesics, Tranquilizers, the Epidurals and other local anesthesia. It is best to make out a birth plan and discuss these options with you doctor way before the actual date of the birth.
  • Antenatal visits are required though out the pregnancy if you are going to avoid undue pain and prolonged labor. And child birth always hurts, the pain can be reduced to manageable levels but never expect that there is anything that can take the pain away completely, that is just one of the ways nature has made things and we as women have to live this.

No matter what you do, you should not rank your possible levels of motherhood by your ability to withstand the pain of birth. Some may say that getting help makes you less of a woman, but it does not. Our ancestors endured the pain simply because there was no other option but today something can be done about the pain. While we are not saying that ask for the medication immediately, we are also not recommending that you pass out from the pain before you realize that maybe it is a good idea to get something for the pain. This will do neither you nor your child any good.

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