Salmonella Outbreak Reported in Five US States

Salmonella poisoning due to contamination of salad sprouts has affected 21 Americans, but health authorities say it is not linked to the E.coli outbreak in Germany. The salmonella outbreak has lasted from April 12 to June 7 affecting five states. Three of the victims are in hospital but there have been no deaths, reveals the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak has affected the states of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey and Washington. The salmonella contamination is suspected to have occurred in spicy and alfalfa sprouts.

A similar E.coli food poisoning outbreak has ravaged Germany killing 47 people and sickening about 3,900 more. One more death due to food poisoning has been reported in Arizona, but this death is not connected to the outbreak in Germany, though the dead person had traveled to that country.

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