Facebook, Divorce and Us

“Every fifth divorce in the US involves Facebook” – this was the heading in a newspaper 6 or 7 months ago. Lawyers in the America in 80 percent of the matrimonial cases are citing the evidence found on this social networking, in fact as the primary evidence for cheating on spouses. The impact of Facebook has been so severe on our lives that virtual romances are destroying the real relationships.

The updates on Facebook’s ‘wall’ are indeed creating a wall between couples and statistics do prove this.

Wondering About How Facebook Can Lead to Divorce

Firstly, thanks to this amazing Mark Zuckerberg creation that we can now stay updated about our friends’ activities, discover new friends and get back in touch with old friends who we have not contacted in a while. I mean, that is just brilliant. But now, consider the flip side- there is a slight chance that amongst these old friends, there exists an ex too or you might indulge into a relationship with newly found friends.

If you are single and ready to mingle, there is no harm in Facebook helping you find a partner, but unfortunately those in a stable relationship, in this case a marriage, are cheating on their spouse and are venturing into secret affairs. No wonder, 4 out of 5 lawyers are using Facebook pages as evidences in securing a divorce for their clients.

It is not just evidences of infidelity being found on Facebook pages that are leading to a divorce. Even evidences related to parents’ behavior like, usage of drugs, weed etc. which are usually denied in the public are found mentioned in Facebook profiles.

A Few Mind Boggling Stats

  • The Nielsen survey for the month of January 2011 reported that nearly 70 percent of the web users in the US i.e 135 million people visited Facebook during that month and nearly  hours in a month are known to spent browsing through Facebook pages.
  • Nearly 67 percent lawyers who deal with matrimonial cases have agreed that their divorce proceedings are mainly based on Facebook evidences.
  • Nearly 20 percent of all the divorce petitions in the UK had some or the other reference to Facebook which included spouses indulging in sexual chats and flirty messages. According to the latest findings, Facebook is the second most browsed site in the UK attracting over 28 million users in a month.

Is Facebook The Cause for a Divorce?

If one has to give a definite answer to this question, it has to be a simple “NO”. If people just want to put the blame on a social networking site and wipe their hands clean, it would be simply unfair. One has to remember that Facebook is just a platform bridging the gap between people, just like a cellular phone. The wall that Mr.Zuckerberg created for showing our updates creates a wall between a couple only because one of two is handling the wall in a way that they are not supposed to.

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