US Pediatricians Urge Ban on Junk Food Ads for Children

US pediatricians have raised the red flag against junk food ads that specifically target children. They say these ads combined with TV watching and playing video games are making children fat.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has urged the government to impose tougher regulations on the food industry. The CDC reveals that one in six kids in the US is obese and this trend is increasing.

The AAP says thousands of fast food and junk food ads are targeted at kids every year. Parents, lawmakers and health officials are becoming frustrated because childhood obesity is becoming more rampant. They say beverage and food companies, and restaurants are not making enough efforts to control the epidemic.

Health experts say the food industry ruthlessly targets even kids below five years with ads hawking toxic and bad foods. Research reveals that TV ads play a major role in kids putting on weight.

Some health groups are suing food companies that give away free toys to kids along with their meals. However, the food industry has washed its hands off by putting the blame on the consumer.

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