TV Programs can Affect Kids’ Sleep

Violent TV programs and watching TV in the evenings affect kids’ sleep, reveals a new research study. Playing video games or working on computers in the evening also have the same effect.

Researchers in Seattle reviewed records of more than 600 preschoolers and found that violent content and excessive TV watching in the evening caused sleep problems. Kids who have television sets in their bedrooms were more affected.

This study was recently published in the Pediatrics journal. About 21% of pre-schoolers suffer from sleep problems such as daytime tiredness, repeatedly waking up at night, nightmares and difficulty in falling asleep.

The researchers found that violent TV content including cartoon slapstick pranks and gunfights featured on the news disturbed the kids’ sleep. They say, for preschoolers animated violence can be as frightening as real-life violence.

Health experts say American society is being invaded by massive streams of data and information and parents have to help their toddlers and older kids select the right media choices to prevent problems.

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