Curbing Calories Necessary for Weight Loss

Diabetics who want to lose excess weight should focus on curbing calories by adopting low-fat diets which are high in either protein or carbs, reveals a new study. The researchers say such a diet will help diabetics sustain weight loss for a long period.

This choice gives dieters flexibility and they can swap diets if they become bored. Either diet can lead to weight loss which can help diabetics control their disease and reduce cardiovascular risk. These findings were reported in a recent meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego.

The researchers compared the relative benefits of a low-fat/high protein diet and a low-fat/high carb diet. They found that both diets reduced calorie intake, weight and waist size in the same proportions.

The researchers opine the main issue is reducing calories. Both diets create a deficit in energy by decreasing calories which leads to weight loss.

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