Weight Loss Surgery can Cure Diabetes

Weight loss surgery can cure diabetes in obese patients, reveals a review of previous studies. The report was featured in the Archives of Surgery. It reveals that 80% of obese patients who underwent a gastric bypass procedure were able to stop using diabetes medications.

Health experts say obese people with diabetes should consider surgery to treat both conditions. In 2009, greater than 220,000 US citizens underwent surgery for weight loss with each person spending about $20,000 for the procedure.

The review reveals that 83% of obese diabetics who underwent gastric bypass were able to stop using diabetes medicines. Some patients got cured within a few days after the operation. 62% of diabetic patients stopped using diabetes medicines after undergoing a gastric banding operation, which is another type of weight loss surgery.

Health experts say these encouraging results exceed the outcomes achieved by conventional diabetes treatments. In conventional practice, very few diabetics are able to lose weight and get cured of diabetes. The rest are stuck with the chronic disease and take daily doses of medications.

Around 18 million Americans have diabetes and 90% of these cases are because of overweight and obesity. The researchers say obese diabetics are discouraged from undergoing weight loss surgery because private insurers do not pay for the procedure.

But, weight loss surgery can also have side effects such as food intolerance, nausea etc. Some patients who lost weight after the surgery got back the flab after some time.

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