Autism More Common in High-Tech Areas

A new research study suggests that computer programmers, engineers and other technology specialists may be more likely to produce autistic children, compared with others. Researchers at England’s Cambridge University found much higher incidences of children with autism in the Netherland’s high-tech industry center.

The researchers say there could be a link between autism and “systemizing” which denotes a skill in creating and analyzing systems. Computer programmers and engineers are known to have high systemizing skills.

This study features in last week’s issue of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Autistic children tend to have narrow interests, exhibit repetitive behavior, and struggle with social interactions and communication. About one percent of US children are autistic.

However, high-tech workers and engineers need not be alarmed as only about two percent of them are likely to give birth to autistic children. Previous research has indicated that the mothers of autistic children were likely to be occupied in highly technical fields.

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  1. I call bs…… All the kids in our area including two family members are far from having parents in these careers…Come on you want to tell me that because their parents work in certain jobs that makes the kids brains indifferent…???? I am not buying into this not one bit…In my situation the family members have parents who pay them no attention and are kids themselves..If these two kids were put in a home with structure and consistantcy they may be act alot better…I am not saying that every child born autistic has parents like this either.. Just in my case… I think researchers should focus on what parents put in their mouths period… I would love to see reasearch done on prescription drugs and others non over the counter ones too….I think that we will never see a study with prescriptions because of all the money that is brought in annually… I think it’s so sad for the kids whom are autisic or have any other special needs..My neice is soo smart, but has trouble with her communication.. I used to read to her all the time and she could remember every detail… Now because of all her meds she can’t even function hardly and has a hard time concentrating… Her bro is the same way…. I just really think structure and consistantcy would help these children…:) I just don’t believe this study at all…..

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