Report Reveals How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

The Institute of Medicine has issued a report which suggests many ways to curb childhood obesity. Recommendations include good sleep routines, healthy eating and regular physical activity. The report also says that children’s TV watching should be controlled.

Childhood obesity has become rampant in the US. Greater than 20% of kids between 2 to 5 years are obese are overweight. Health experts say chubby babies do not shed their excess weight as they grow older.

Obesity can cause high blood pressure and diabetes in the kids. The researchers urge policymakers, health professionals and child care experts to help parents reduce childhood obesity by creating a healthy environment for their kids.

The report urges mothers to practice breast-feeding. Pre-schools and child-care centers should follow healthy meal patterns. Parents are urged to inculcate healthy eating habits and practices early in their kids.

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