Frankincense For Osteoarthritis & Inflammatory Arthritis!

FrankincenseA team of researchers from Cardiff University has been observing the potential benefits of frankincense in reducing the symptoms and relieving from osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis.

Frankincense was used as herbal remedy for arthritis and related conditions by several ancient communities.

According to Dr Emma Blain, the lead author of the study, their researchai??i??s main focus was to see whether and how the extracts from this aromatic gum resin can relieve the inflammation associated with arthritis that causes the pain.

The group successfully demonstrated that an extract of a rare frankincense species, Boswellia frereana can hamper the generation of inflammatory molecules responsible for inflammation and pain.

According to another team member, through this current study, novel chemical techniques were used for the extraction of the active ingredient in frankincense.

The team is now characterizing the active ingredient and comparing its success in treating arthritis against other anti-inflammatory medications used.

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