City Life can Lead to Stress

A new study reveals that city life can cause stress, anxiety and other mental disorders. The researchers found that the brain reacts more rigorously to stress in people living in cities. This fact explains why urban dwellers are more prone to schizophrenia and other psychological disorders.

Previous research had also revealed that city life can cause schizophrenia, anxiety and mood disorders. In the latest research, tangible differences were found in how the brains of city and rural dwellers react to stress.

This German study was recently published in Nature journal. The main reason for the stress is interacting with other people. Studies reveal that childhood exposure to stress results in lasting effects. Mental health experts opine this intriguing study will raise interest in the impact of city life on people’s mental health.

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  1. May I know the title of the German study l so I can look it up in Nature Journal?
    I’m interested in the fact that the city stress is mainly from interactions with people!

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