US Kids Exposed to Accidental Gun Death

There about two million homes in the US where kids are exposed to loaded guns. This startling news becomes more scary because many kids die every year from accidental gun deaths.

Health organizations are trying to prevent children from getting affected by accidental shooting injuries. They encourage parents to ensure their children play in homes where guns are not present or safely locked away.

Surveys reveal that 40% of US homes with children have guns. This exposes the kids to accidental shooting incidents. In many cases, the guns cause unintentional injuries and are rarely used for self defense.

Surveys also reveal that 50% of homes with guns do not store the firearms safely. This means about 1.7 million US kids under 18 have free access to guns in their homes.

In 2007, 600 people in the US were killed by unintentional shooting. Thousands of Americans are living with injuries caused by accidental shooting. Surveys also reveal that household guns drastically increase the risk of homicide and suicide.

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  1. I have 3 kids and I never have gun in my house….

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