Hiking – Health, Fun, Adventure and Safety

Hiking; hill walking; rambling; tramping, trekking; bush walking – all are related to walking in natural environments. The only difference between an ordinary morning walk and hiking is that, it is done in natural environments (usually mountain trails or in the woods). Hiking is both a sport and a recreation and the reason why one can get to see several hiking clubs crop up across the world.

Be it a sport or a recreational activity, there is both fun and adventure associated with hiking and thus, safety during hiking trails is also a must.

How to Have Fun on a Hiking Trail?

Hiking no doubt, is a completely healthy activity that encourages one’s physical health through walks. But apart from gaining just health, including a few activities into your trip can also make the trial worth enjoying too.

Swimming. This is one of the most refreshing activities that one can indulge in during tramping. Swimming in open waters can not only give you a real good feel, but also rejuvenates your senses after walking for miles. Apart from just swimming, you can also indulge in a few water games with your trekking pals. Only make sure that the waters are open for swimming and you do not go deep into the water bodies.

Fishing. Who does not enjoy fishing? One can find several open lakes and rivers while hill walking and having a fishing rod in the backpack would certainly help. Not only would you be spending some quality time catching fish, but you can also enjoy it at your camp than feed yourself canned or processed food.

Make music. Having a musical instrument in your backpack can help you create some wonderful music in a perfectly natural setting. Playing a musical instrument, whatever that may be in the wild has its own benefits and one can enjoy the soothing nature of music much better in a natural setting than amidst closed doors.

Safety Tips During Hiking

As much fun as can be had on such trails, making sure that all goes well and in a safe manner is very important.

  • First timers and still amateurs should take it easy before going on these trails. It is advisable to keep the walks down to less than two miles in order to avoid exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Keep a fist aid kit in your backpack. While trekking and tramping, one would have to grip various objects like logs, rocks, wood etc. and little scratches and cuts would be imminent. Make sure to fill your first-aid box with band-aids, first aid wraps, anti-inflammatory drugs, bug sprays etc.
  • Wear the right attire. Trousers are much better than shorts when trekking. This is to avoid any cuts, in case you fall. Also, shoes that would help you get through stones and rugged paths are also important to maintain the proper balance. Also, wear a suntan and a hat or goggles to protect yourself from sunlight.
  • Beware of the surroundings. When in the wild, you never known what’s waiting out there. So, it is always advisable to take safe paths and also the ones that are used most often. Watch out for insects, animals and bee hives.

Hiking trails in groups is seriously fun. But, there is an etiquette to be followed while hiking. For instance, allowing the slowest hiker to lead the group, not making unwanted loud noises etc. are a few things that have to be followed in order to enjoy a pleasant trip. Remember not to affect the nature in any way during your trails. Nature is too fragile for hikers to start polluting it. Stay healthy, have fun, get adventurous and remain safe during your hiking trips.

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