Artificial Fat Substitutes Used In Foods May Lead To Obesity!

Potato ChipsIf you are having low calorie potato chips and some other foods with synthetic/artificial fat substitutes included in them, beware! You are on the verge of gaining weight very quickly and may fall in the category of obese people very soon. Wondering how? Read on to find out!

According to a new research study conducted by a group of scientists led by Susan E. Swithers, at the Purdue Univesrity, rats which were on a high-fat diet gained weight after eating low-calorie food containing artificial fat substitutes.

The study involved 2 groups of laboratory rats, one which was fed with a diet high in fat and the other with a diet low in fat. Each group was again divided into 2. Among the 2 sub-groups in each group, 1 was fed with high-fat potato chips and the second sub-group was given low-calorie chips (had an artificial fat substitute, olestra) for a few days followed by high-calorie chips.

It was found that rats that were fed with high fat diet and both the sub-groups in this group put on more weight when compared to the other group because of the increased food consumption.

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