Vitamin D Can Fight Against Gingivitis & Periodontitis!

A recent research study conducted by Gill Diamond of New Jersey Dental School, Newark has showed that gingival cells treated with vitamin D in the laboratory generated a natural antibiotic that fought and killed the bacteria efficiently when compared to untreated cells.

Gingivitis - Before & After Scaling500mg Calcium Supplements With Vitamin DPeriodontitis

Periodontitis and gingivitis are the 2 gum diseases that affect a large number of populations in the USA.

Through this study it was observed that vitamin D stimulated the gingival cells to produce a protein known as TREM-1, which in turn enhanced the production of proinflammatory cytokines (help in the movement of immune cells from the blood stream to the tissues where they are needed).

Apart from this finding, it was also seen that vitamin D has a significant role in the expression of several genes involved in the pathways that fight against infection.

According to Diamond, both gum and lung cells have the ability to activate the inactive form of vitamin D which means taking it in the form of supplements can benefit the human body in fighting against infections.

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