No Increased Risk Of Allergies In Children Exposed To Pets – Study Reveals!

Girl With Her Pet Dog Parents having small kids, who think twice before getting a pet to stay with them fearing the increase of allergies in children can now relax!

According to a new study by a team of researchers headed by Ganesa Wegienka from Henry Ford Hospital has revealed that having a cat or dog at home does not increase the risk of allergies in children. On the contrary, it has showed positive effects in some cases.

The study involved the participation of 565 individuals whose exposure to pets was recorded from their time of birth till their adulthood.

Blood samples of these participants were collected at the age of 18 and antibodies to cat and dog allergens in these blood samples were measured.

Surprisingly, it was found that the first year of a child’s life was the most significant exposure period to the pets and it appeared safe and protective in some children.

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