Now, E.coli Scare in France

France is the latest European country to be affected by E.coli, as seven children have taken ill after eating hamburgers in a German outlet. But, officials say these infections do not have any link with the deadly E.coli outbreak in Germany.

The culprit hamburger patties were made in a French factory and marketed by Lidl, a German chain of supermarkets. The beef used in the patties were procured from farms in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

France has recalled around 10 tons of suspected meat. The European Union has clarified that the French outbreak is not as dangerous as the German one. Last year, France suffered 93 E.coli cases.

Meanwhile in Germany, health authorities are still warning consumers to refrain from eating vegetable sprouts. They are still investigating how the E.coli bacteria entered the farm which is believed to be the culprit behind the raging E.coli outbreak.

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