Lifespan Falls in Many US Counties

People living in many US counties, especially in the South, can expect shortened lifespans. The researchers put the blame on obesity and smoking.

But, overall lifespan expectancy has risen in the US to a record high. The CDC reveals the average life expectancy of a US adult is 78 years.

However, life expectancy fell for women in 702 counties. In men, life expectancy went down in 251 counties. In more than 150 counties, lifespan expectancy fell for both women and men.

Some experts opine migration may be the cause for falling life expectancy in certain counties. They say young people from these counties may be migrating to other places for work or study, leaving behind the least healthy and educated.

The counties where life expectancy increased the most are located in metro areas that have plenty of universities and jobs. These include cities like Washington, New York City and Atlanta.

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