Is it Possible to Live a Painless Life?

While it may seem rare and unbelievable, there are indeed people who go through life painless. This condition is known as Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) and the people suffering from it find it impossible to feel any kind of physical pain.

Apart from the fact that they can not feel pain, these people are normal and have no physical abnormalities whatsoever. The disorder has no outward symptoms though some cases of slow mental abilities have been reported.

For those born with the condition, it is caused by a mutation in the nerves meant to sense the pain. The mutation causes a disconnection between the sensory nerves for pain and the part of the brain that interprets pain. This gap leaves the person painless.

The painlessness can be put into two major categories. One is the insensitivity to pain where the person can not feel the cause of the pain. To them, the pain does not exist and they do not even feel the damage to their bodies.

Two is the indifference to pain, where the person can feel the pain but their brain does not respond accordingly. To them, the pain is not discomforting and so they do not move away from the cause of the pain.

This disorder is extremely rare but is reportedly more common among homogeneous societies. Few studies have been carried out to know more about the disease because of this and the fact that most of the people with the disorder die young.

The high death rate of people with this disorder is because they are incapable of stopping themselves from repeating dangerous behavior as they do not realize that it is dangerous. With pain, ordinary humans stay away from things that will cause them pain and resultantly shorten their life spans. But in these peopleai??i??s case, there is no pain to warn them that touching the stove plate when the stove is turned on could lead to loss of your arm. So even when they are warned, especially when they are still young, they do not understand why as they donai??i??t see the danger.

So while it may seem wonderful to go through life painless, remember that pain is your friend. It is the brainai??i??s way of informing you that you are in mortal danger and that you should do something to save yourself. So next time you feel pain know that you are lucky!

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