Seizure Drugs Can Cause Pregnancy Risks

Pregnant women who suffer from epileptic seizures have been put in a dilemma. New research suggests that seizure medications can cause pregnancy complications. This research was carried out by scientists at Norwayai??i??s University of Bergen.

In the study, the medical histories of about 200 epileptic pregnant women were compared with the same number of pregnant women who did not have epilepsy. The researchers also studied the differences between epileptic women who used seizure medicines and the epileptic pregnant women who did not.

Epileptic women were found to suffer a higher risk of experiencing preeclampsia, which is a serious disorder that can even take the lives of both child and mother. Epileptic women also had greater risk of vaginal bleeding, requiring a Cesarean procedure or induced delivery, premature birth and giving birth to a malformed baby.

Severe preeclampsia was found in about eight percent of women who used epilepsy medication, compared to below three percent of pregnant epileptic women who did not use medication. The seizure medications also increased the risk of induced labor and emergency Cesarean procedures in epileptic pregnant women.

Yet, the researchers say epileptic pregnant women should continue to use medications to treat their condition as the overall risk is low. They opine that convulsions during pregnancy can pose danger to both mom and baby.

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