Virtual Infestation in Your Skin!

Virtual Infestation in Your Skin!

Here is a question – Do you think that creepy bugs are crawling underneath your skin? Sounds strange and unreal? Well, there are many people out there who actually believe that some kinds of bugs are actually living beneath their skin!Self-proclaimed patients of Morgellons disease tend to think that their skin is infested with some mysterious parasites! They even demanded a government study asking for the same. But, according to Mayo Clinic study, all these symptoms are most often delusional. Read on to know more about this virtual infestation in your skin!

The sufferers complain of creepy, mysterious symptoms: parasites or insects ai??i?? or some other type of growth ai??i?? crawling underneath their skin. They think that these creepy crawlies burrow to the surface of the skin and leave colored filaments and odd specks in their wake. Ai??The sufferers have flocked to different health websites to share details about their strange malady, which is known as Morgellons disease.

Skin Attack ai??i?? The Mayo Clinic Study

The sufferers of this strange malady now demand the government into studying this condition. They carry bug specimens and visit different doctors, desperate to identify a physical cause for their condition. Recently, a study was conducted by Mayo Clinic that reviewed samples given by 108 such patients. This study was published in the Archives of Dermatology, which revealed that the ai???creepy crawliesai??i?? infestation only exists in their minds.

One such patient who referred dermatologists for this condition was actually found to have pubic lice. Also, microscopic examination revealed that not a single participant out of the 107 exhibited any evidence of infestation by parasites or bugs. This was decided despite the firm conviction which the patients had. The study participants were kept under observation for a 7 year period which ended in 2007.

The Study ConclusionVirtual Infestation in Your Skin!

The study authors concluded that the skin ulcerations, eruptions and rashes which the sufferers had were either due to picking or scratching at skin to make it go away or mere skin conditions which gave way to delusion of infestation.

Also, the filaments and fibers mostly offered and detailed as evidence of skin infestation were found to be everyday debris, textile fiber, lint, hair, scabs or skin flakes, upon microscopic examination.

The study conducted by Mayo Clinic is the 1st major study to conclude that the imaginative outbreak of subcutaneous bugs or parasites is not a hardcore evidence of a novel microbial strain or pathogen. On the contrary, people suffering from such symptoms are susceptible to have a psychological disorder known as ai???delusional parasitosis.ai???

According to the study authors, the findings are important for sufferers. Most of them tend to believe that doctors are dismissive of their genuine concerns. Also, they think that the medicos are not testing or examining their ai???infested skinai??? closely enough. Hence, the patients ask for getting tested several times.

Another Study on ai???Skin Infestationai???Virtual Infestation in Your Skin!

Another study was conducted by Kaiser Permanente of Northern California and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for three years. This study was started in January 2008 after a small organization known as the Morgellons Research Foundation pushed for an investigation by government.

The scientists from Kaiser and CDC conducted psychiatric and physical evaluations, microscopic analysis and skin biopsies of the samples. The results are now being reviewed by independent scientists and health experts.

The Final Conclusion

The findings of Mayo Clinic study are surely going to be bitter truth for sufferers who think they are victims of Moregellons disease. Also, the World Wide Web or Internet is now becoming a home to an expanding community of sufferers, who are sure that their signs and symptoms are real evidence of a novel disorder.

According to Dr. Mark D.P. Davis, who is a Mayo Clinic dermatologist and the studyai??i??s lead author, ai???this research will convince such sufferers that their condition originates in their brains and not under their skin.ai??? That the condition is just a figment of their imagination!

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  1. Can any1 tell me y some1 would have thes symptoms frm using methamphetamine 4 30+ yrs?

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