Mold at Home can Cause Allergies and Asthma in Kids

Visible mold at home can cause allergies and asthma in kids, reveals a research review. The researchers reviewed 61 studies and found that kids living in moldy, water-damaged homes were more vulnerable to nasal allergies, wheezing problems and asthma compared to their peers.

Lab research suggests that exposure to mold can inflame the airways. The researchers say it is imperative for home-owners to get rid of mold and if possible prevent its occurrence.

In the research, children living in moldy homes faced a 49% higher chance of having asthma compared to normal kids. The risk of contracting nasal allergies was about 39% greater.

The CDC reveals that about 10% of American kids are asthmatic. The research found that visible mold was the culprit, and it occurs because of building damages, excessive moisture or dampness.

So, home-owners and parents should remove all visible molds from their homes. To prevent the mold problem they should have better ventilation and low humidity. Problems like water damage and leaky plumbing should be tackled immediately to improve home and health.

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