Malnourishment During Pregnancy & Lactation May Lead To Type 2 Diabetes In Newborns!

Pancreas Secrete InsulinAccording to a recent study conducted on baboon primates by a team of scientists from University of Texas Health Science Centre and Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, even a moderate undernourishment of mothers during pregnancy and lactation can lead to the development of diabetes in children even before they enter adolescence.

The senior author of the study, Peter W. Nathanielsz opines that insufficient nutritional intake by mother during the critical stages of organ development in a baby’s body can impair the growth of organs such as pancreas required for insulin secretion leading to diabetes at a very early age.

The study was conducted on 18 female baboons. Once they conceived, 12 out of 18 were fed appropriately according to their weight gain. The remaining 6 were given restricted nutrition. This diet strategy was continued till the young baboons were born.

It was observed that the baboons born to 6 nutritionally restricted baboons showed increased levels of fasting insulin, fasting glucose and other prediabetic symptoms. But the baboons born to 12 adequately fed mothers did not show any signs of prediabetes.

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