Abortion and Pain

Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy. It may be deliberate and self induced or spontaneous and unplanned due to some natural medical problem. Whatever the cause, abortion and pain are interrelated and in today’s article we discuss abortion related pain.

The pain is in two categories, physical pain and emotional pain both of which can be quite devastating and traumatizing with some women failing to recover and falling into a pit of depression and insanity. Some men have been known to be affected by abortion and pain but it is mostly a female forte and many of the fathers never even find out that they fathered a child.

The actual abortion process, be it by surgery or pill is going to hurt, it feels mostly like your worst period cramps ever and will have you curled up in a fetal position trying to ease the pain.

After the procedure, the pain is likely to continue but should be at the level of ordinary bad cramps and bed rest is usually recommended for this period. However, if the pain increases to a point where you cannot move around and are screaming, then it is likely that you have an infection and you should get it looked at by a gynecologist.

The pain is usually concentrated in the abdominal region and the lower back area. If you start to feel pain in other parts of your body or get a fever then it is time to check yourself into a hospital or clinic and see a specialist. Make sure a thorough check up is done as the first time you maybe told that it is normal after an abortion and that the body is trying to heal itself.

The emotional pain is a little more difficult to deal with as there is no set way to address it. Most women start off by regretting their decision and at the extreme some have reported having visions of their unborn babies coming back to haunt them.

For women who lose their babies via a miscarriage, they blame themselves for what happened to them and wonder if they will ever be able to conceive again, let alone carry the baby to full term. This can plague their minds constantly and some never recover from the loss especially since they actually did want the baby.

Surprisingly, not all women who have abortions experience the related pain. Some women feel nothing more than ordinary cramps and others feel no emotional pain whatsoever. They seem to be at peace with their decision and feel no regret.

Abortion and pain maybe related but the pain can be minimized. First, be sure of your decision, get a good doctor to perform the procedure, have a close person who is aware of what is going on and can help you and remember that once is a mistake, but please do not think that this is a birth control method.

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