Vitamin B In Mother’s Diet Lowers The Risk Of Intestinal Tumors In Newborn Babies!

Vitamin SupplementsA team of researchers from the Tufts University have shown through a recent study conducted on mice models that mice fed with vitamin B supplemented diet gave birth to babies that were at a low risk of developing colorectal cancer.

In the study, mice models in which colorectal cancer occurred naturally were supplemented with vitamin B in their diets and checked if the offspring produced by them were at a risk of developing cancer.

Mother mice were divided into groups and fed with adequate, mildly deficient and supplemental quantities of vitamin B6, B2, folate, and B12 before conception and later the offspring were fed with equal quantities of adequate diet.

The results showed that the babies born to mother fed with supplemental vitamin B developed fewer tumors in the intestinal region when compared to the other 2 groups.

Among the remaining 2 groups, ‘mildly deficient’ group showed 54% of tumors that reached the advanced stage and invaded the healthy tissue while the ‘adequate’ group showed this type of progression in 18% of tumors.

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