US Declares Formaldehyde and Styrene as Carcinogens

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has declared that formaldehyde and styrene can cause cancer. Formaldehyde can cause throat cancer and is used commonly as a preservative in some consumer products, mortuaries and medical labs.

Styrene is found in tobacco smoke and is commonly ingested by smoking cigarettes. Another carcinogen named aristolochic acids was also revealed and it can cause urinary tract and bladder cancer.

Some botanical products contain aristolochic acids and the FDA had already issued a warning against them. But, they can still be bought online and overseas. Aristolochic acids are used in some herbal products used to treat inflammation, gout and arthritis.

Environmental reasons cause only around six percent of all cancers. Occupational exposure while doing jobs is the most common reason for cancers due to environmental carcinogens.

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