Obesity Surgery Not Helpful for Older Men

A new research study has found that obesity surgery may not help older men live longer. In the study, about 850 veterans who had surgery to reduce obesity were compared with similar obese veterans. Researchers took care that both groups were similar in marital status, race, gender and age.

The veterans had gastric bypass surgery to make their stomach smaller. They had an average age of 49 and average BMI of 47. Unfortunately, 11 veterans died in the first month of surgery.

Health experts were shocked by the high death rate after surgery. They say this fact shows obesity surgery may not help the survival of all older patients. The researchers opine obesity may have damaged the patients’ organs for too long a period, making it impossible for the surgery to reverse the effects.

Yet, obesity surgery has many advantages: It improves quality of life and health, and eases breathing troubles and joint disease. Therefore, it is no surprise that weight loss surgery is becoming popular in obesity-stricken US. Greater than 200,000 such procedures take place annually costing between $3-$5 billion.

This latest study on obese veterans will be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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