Lead Pollution in China Poisons Hundreds

Lead pollution in some workshops located in eastern China has serious affected hundreds of people including children. Lax rules in factories and workshops have caused many such cases of industrial pollution of late in China.

The lead pollution occurred in workshops located in the town of Yangxunqiao in Zhejiang province. Workers in these workshops and members of their family including children were exposed to harmful lead toxins in these family-run factories.

Of late, many Chinese villages and towns have fallen victim to industrial pollution as a result of lax regulation in workshops and factories that are forced to indulge in cheap production.

Lead poisoning can damage the kidneys, reproductive and nervous systems, and also cause anemia and high blood pressure. Lead is more dangerous for children as it can cause behavioral problems and learning difficulties.

Chinese environmental officials are trying to implement urgent regulations to prevent widespread industrial poisoning, which has lead to a public outcry. But, the government is also concerned with jobs, revenue and high growth, which makes environmental protection a lower priority.

Because of the lead poisoning outbreak, health authorities have suspended production in 25 workshops in Yangxunqiao. Beijing is planning to shut down 75% of the battery making plants in China that use lead-acid, within the next few years.

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