How To Wear High Heels?

This article addresses the question “How to wear high heels with little or no pain whatsoever?” Most women would love to wear their high heeled shoes but the pain of walking in them can become quite unbearable. However, you still have a chance to enjoy the femininity and elegance that come with these famed shoes while minimizing the pain.

Tips on how to wear high heels with no pain

  • Most importantly, do not go from not wearing any high heels to wearing 4 inch heels and thinking you will be able to walk. The pain they will cause to your feet will be so great you may never wear them again. So start small with wide 2 inch heels.
  • When buying the shoes, make sure that they are a little bigger than you foot to allow for comfort. It has even been recommended to buy your shoes in the afternoon when your feet are swollen so you can get the right size and minimize pain.
  • Always wear the thin socks meant for high heels beneath your heels to avoid your skin from making too much contact with the material of the shoe. This reduces friction and protects your foot from getting scraped and causing you pain.
  • Do not think that you will ever be able to wear high heels for strenuous activities such as running or staying on your feet all day painlessly. This is not happening, instead avoid them in such situations and only wear them for special occasions where the amount spent on your feet is limited.
  • Make certain that you can still stand on you toes if not then the heel may be a little too high for you. As for walking, walk as you would in flat shoes. First the heel then the toes follow, avoid putting the toe down first or bring the whole foot down as one. This can cause damage to the foot and resultantly pain.
  • And finally, practice indeed does make perfect so try out a new pair of heels first from home before the event to which you will be wearing them. Do all the things you are likely to do then to ensure that the shoe is comfortable enough for you.

With these tips on how to wear high heels you should be well on your way to wearing your heels and not worrying about the pain associated with the killer shoes.
Have fun!

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