AIDS Survivors Suffer Premature Aging Problems

AIDS survivors may have beaten the challenge posed by the dreaded disease, but they have to live with the side effects. Many AIDS survivors are suffering from a host of medical conditions that commonly occur in those much older than them.

Common ailments suffered by many AIDS survivors include bone density loss, vision impairment, heart conditions, neurological disorders and cancers. Doctors are increasingly detecting these signs of premature aging in long-term AIDS survivors.

But, researchers do not know why these survivors are suffering from premature aging. They say it could be due to the disease or because of the treatment drugs, or a combination of both factors. They say that AIDS survivors may become victims of lung, liver, kidney, bone and cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists say AIDS weakens the immune system, making survivors more vulnerable to ailments to which they are environmentally or genetically predisposed. AIDS survivors also have to tackle social stigma, financial worries and loneliness. These emotional problems add depression to the survivors’ long list of woes.

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