‘SpermComet’ – A New Test For Male Infertility!

Sperms Invading An EggA group of scientists led by Professor Sheena Lewis from the Queen’s University, Belfast has come up with a new test for infertility in males that detects the extent of damage caused to the DNA in an individual sperm which in turn can predict the success of infertility treatments.

Due to its resemblance to a comet in the sky the test has been named ‘The SpermComet.’ The head of the comet represents the undamaged DNA and the tail represents the damaged DNA. The extent of damaged DNA in each individual sperm can be measured from the tail region.

The less is the sperm DNA damage, the more are the chances of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby.

According to Professor Lewis, the traditional method of diagnosing male infertility relies on semen analysis. But, this method has limited value clinically in detecting the infertility and/or in predicting the success rate of a treatment method especially if the results of the semen analysis are normal.

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