What is Perceived Pain?

Pain is unpleasant, both to the senses and emotions indicative of damage to the self. It represents what may be wrong with us and forces us to deal with it and so save our lives. In the brain, pain is perceived as electrical signals sent by an injured body part. Perceived pain indicates what kind of injury has been inflicted, sharp and needle-like is indicative of nerve damage, sleep-like and tingly represents nerve cut off or complete destruction while a dull throbbing pain says a tissue, tendon or muscle problem.

People perceive pain differently with the same pain feeling different to them. Those who handle pain exceptionally well may have a finger severed and simply flinch while other may just step on a stone and howl in pain. This is usually acute pain that goes away after healing of the affected pain.

Some people are however unlucky enough to suffer from chronic pain which is that which may never go away even after the removal of the stimulus causing the pain. Some of this pain is related to some diseases which force the sufferer to live in constant pain such as fibromyalgia.

There is the phantom pain where an amputated or completely paralyzed part of the body continues to feel pain. In some cases, areas of the body which have already healed continue experiencing pain. This has been related to the nerves to that area some of which take longer to heal while others may still be functioning despite paralysis.

Perceived pain can also take on a form of emotional or psychological pain that has no relation to any physical injury. For example, when people’s loved ones die or disappoint them, they have reported experiencing pain in the heart though nothing is physically wrong with the organ itself.

Sometimes pain has been known to occur on physical body parts but the cause of the pain is not tissue damage but rather emotional distress. In the case of failure to let go of something, one may get pain in the knees. This perception of pain is pushed by practitioners of alternative medicine who believe that not all physical pain represents physical body damage.

Just like all people are unique, our perception of pain is also just that. Some people go through life experiencing no or minimum pain while others are plagued by pain constantly one would think it is chronic pain.

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