German Sprouts are the Culprit Behind the European E.coli Outbreak

Finally, investigators have caught the culprit behind the raging E.coli outbreak in Europe. Sprouts grown in a German farm are the cause of the hullabaloo. The calamity has thus far taken a toll of 31 lives and sickened more than 3,000 people.

The culprit farm was tracked down using old-fashioned detective work. Patients were questioned about the places where they ate and what they ate. The answers led to German sprouts grown at a specific German farm.

Sprouts have also been previously blamed for many food poisoning outbreaks and cases. This is because of their growing environment and the fact they are consumed raw, which enables easy transmission of disease. E.coli thrives on the humidity and heat required for the cultivation of sprouts. If E.coli bacteria stick to seeds, even washing sprouts will not help.

The investigation reveals that fact that consumers of sprouts were much more likely to fall ill to infection. Health officials warn consumers against eating raw sprouts. Some contaminated sprouts from the culprit farm may still be in circulation.

Finally, some good news for European farmers as Russia has agreed to start importing vegetables again.

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