Child Abuse

Child abuse refers to the performance or failure to perform those acts that would or could result into harm or potential harm to the said child. Child abuse can take many forms inclusive of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, neglect or refusal to provide essential needs of the child.

The thing about child abuse is that it is rare that its effects are physically visible and they are more emotional. This can prove a problem as most people rarely ever pay attention to what they can’t see and rather ignore the children more. The mental health of the child is the most affected with some instances perpetrating the repetition of the cycle of abuse.

Most abuse happens in the child’s living area implying that the culprit is someone the child knows and should be able to trust such as a relative, teacher, priest/pastor or neighbor at home. This is a really sad situation as it shows that the people who are most charged with the proper development of these children are the same ones that are retarding it.

Abuse is said to be more prevalent in families where there is one parent rather than two. This can be attributed to the fact that given the drama involved in raising children, the single parent has less time to focus on the child and so some forms of abuse may be easier to perpetrate.

The biggest problem is that most societies prefer to pretend and assume that this kind of evil is going on. In most places, children are threatened with death as an effort to get them to keep silent about the abuse. On the other hand, there is society’s norm that nothing good can come out of children and whatever they say must either be nonsense or lies. This has children to be abused for years in silent pain as they think that no one will believe them if they spoke up.

Child abuse is one of the most painful and damaging traumas a child can experience, the effects are far reaching and will continue way into adulthood for they victim. No one ever fully recovers from this and the pain goes on for an entire lifetime. As a responsible citizen, watch the children of others and watch your own children. Encourage them to talk and be free with them otherwise even with a slight glitch and someone will take this as a chance to pounce on tomorrow’s leaders.

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