Shoes for Foot Pain

There is a famous saying ‘If your feet feel good, then you feel good.’ This would lead us to the conclusion that if your feet are in pain, most likely you are in pain as a person, not only do they hurt but you also cannot use them and so are stuck in a specific place.

Since most foot pain is caused by shoes, today we focus on shoes for foot pain. These are shoes that will minimize pain to the foot and ensure that your carriers are well taken care of.

Things you should consider when buying shoes for foot pain:

  1. Stand when measurements are taken and both feet should be measured and the fit for the bigger foot is the one you should take home.
  2. Check if your toes can move upwards. If room for them to wriggle is nonexistent then that is not the right shoe for you.
  3. Ensure that there is half an inch between your longest toe and tip of the shoe. If the tips of your toes touch the shoes then they are a tad too small for you.

There are different types of feet and each type will require a different shoe to prevent and reduce pain.

There is the neutral foot which is a common ground, the pronated foot famed for its flexibility and the supinate foot that seems to have an arch in it.

For the pronate foot, the heel counter should be stiff, the sole straight and the toe box wide. All these qualities allow for the pronate foot to enjoy its flexibility and not be cramped in a situation that may cause pain.

In the case of the supinate foot, the heel counter need be flexible, the sole curved and the toe box fitted. This will perfectly suit this type of foot and minimize pain.

The neutral foot will do well in shoes with semi-curved soles as you do not want to stress it out in either fully curved or straight soled shoes.

There are however no general shoes for foot pain and one has to be sure to buy only those shoes that fit their foot. The key is to get shoes designed for your foot and the foot pain is bound to reduce and eventually go away.

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