Nicotine can be Useful for Weight Loss, Find Researchers

You may have noticed that smokers are more likely to be leaner compared to non-smokers. Now, scientists have discovered the area of the brain which is affected by nicotine’s effect of suppressing appetite. Researchers say this finding can be used to create weight-loss medications.

During the study, the researchers discovered a brain receptor that nicotine affects. When this receptor was activated in lab mice, they ate less. The scientists hope to apply this finding to humans.

Many smokers are loathe to quit smoking, as they fear it could lead to weight gain. Nicotine-based medications can allay these fears, as well as help non-smokers to lose weight.

Scientists hope to replicate the mice study finding in humans because human processes work similarly. They say further research can reveal the working of receptors which suppress appetite.

On average, smokers again about five pounds after quitting. An effective nicotine-based medication can help prevent this weight gain. This study was published recently in Science journal.

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