Another E.coli Strain Found in the Netherlands

To add to the E.coli bad news, another strain has been found in the Netherlands. This has forced Dutch authorities to recall red beet sprouts exported to three countries. However, this new strain is not expected to be as dangerous as the one that is creating havoc in Germany. In Germany, the E.coli death toll rose to 29.

No reports of illness have been reported as yet due to the new E.coli strain. Dutch officials have zeroed in on a company named Hamu, where contaminated beets were found. They say this strain can cause illness, but is not expected to be lethal. Health authorities are tracing all shipments sent by this grower. Hamu has delivered beet sprouts overseas to Belgium and also sells them in Germany, besides the Netherlands.

Apart from the health toll due to the E.coli outbreak, EU farmers have been affected monetarily as well. They say there are losing about $611 million each week as their produce rots in warehouses and fields. The EU has promised to compensate up to $306 million for the losses. However, Spanish officials say this compensation is not adequate. They also criticized Russia’s ban on all European Union vegetables. Russia is one of the biggest markets for EU agricultural produce.

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