Stem Cell Bandage For Knee Injury!

Meniscus TearGood news for people enduring the pain of knee injury! People who have suffered a meniscal tear can heave a sigh of relief now!

Azellon Ltd, a UK based company and a spin-out of the University of Bristol has come up with a Stem Cell Bandage for patients with meniscal cartilage tears.

Meniscus is the ‘C’ shaped cartilage in the knees acting as a shock-absorber and lubricator. A tear in the cartilage occurs by over-flexing and/or twisting the knee joint.

The trial will have patients treated with the cell bandage consisting of patients own stem cells. The main aim of this trial is to test the efficiency of this technique.

To begin with, the trial will be conducted on 10 meniscal tear patients. The stem cell bandage seeded with patient’s own stem cells will then be surgically implanted with the help of a special instrument which delivers the stem cells to the injured area.

Patients will be monitored for a period of more than 5 years before testing it on more people.

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