Pain After Exercise

This has also been referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and it is natural occurrence. Do not be afraid if your muscles start to ache after a vigorous bit of exercise or change in exercise routine or length of time. The pain after exercise is likely to ensure a day or two after the said exercise and will make you feel like something is wrong with the way you performed the exercise. But do not worry if you followed all the correct steps, then it is just DOMS.

Pain after exercise is caused by muscle lengthening exercises as they are performed. Exercises that force the muscles to contract and lengthen will cause pain alter such as push ups, it is part of the process through which the muscle adapts itself to this new bit of exercise. Static exercises cause less pain while shortening ones leave you with no pain at all.

Ways of dealing with the pain after exercise

Some tips are preventative (before) and some are after the exercise, but most are not proven “set in stone” kind of treatments but rather stuff that people claim has reduced the soreness at least a little.

  • Instead of sudden changes, go for gradual change in the intensity of the exercise routine. For example, if you want to increase you work out by an hour, do not just jump straight to this but rather add 10 minutes each day and by the end of the week you should have hit your target.
  • Wait it out is another option, after 2 to 3 days the pain should pass on its own. Sometimes it may take up to a week but longer than that and you may have cause to worry especially if the pain is increasing instead of reducing.
  • Low intensity exercises have been known to reduce the pain experienced during exercise. This relaxes the muscles while at the same time keeping them active so that the next time you exercise you are not reinjured but rather have well conditioned muscles.
  • Anything that improves blood flow in the system should or can be given a try. A massage, sauna, hot bath, or simply a rest as opposed to rushing off to do something strenuous immediately.

As a rule, pay attention to your body and do not change routines drastically but rather over a period of time. Should you be able to do this, you will find that your pain is greatly reduced overtime.

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