Elderly People Can Protect Their Brains By Exercising Regularly!

CyclingA recent study has shown that elderly people who exercise regularly and moderately and/or intensely are less prone to develop silent strokes or small lesions in the brain.

Silent strokes have been associated with memory problems, high risk of falls and thereby impaired mobility.

According to Joshua Z. Willey, the lead author of the study, moderate to intense exercise has a significant role in maintaining the health of the older people’s brain.

The study had the participation of 1238 people who never experienced any symptoms of stroke and who never had stroke.

At the beginning of the study, all the participants were told to fill a questionnaire on how often and how intensely they exercised. After about 6 years when they reached the average age of 70 years their brain MRI scans were taken.

36% people exercised regularly but lightly, 43% did not exercise at all and 21% exercised moderately to intensely on a regular basis.

The results showed that individuals who exercised moderately to intensely at regular intervals are 40% less likely develop brain lesions and silent strokes.

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