Chronic Marijuana Smoking Affects the Brain

Latest research reveals that regular pot smoking affects the brain. The researchers found that chronic marijuana smoking affects brain portions that are involved in important functions such as appetite, memory, pain tolerance, pleasure, movement coordination and concentration.

Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug used in America says the US National Institute on Drug Abuse. When this drug is ingested or smoked, chemicals in it affect portions of the brain that control important bodily actions and mental states.

In the study, researchers compared 30 daily pot smokers’ brains to non-users. They monitored both groups for four weeks. The scientists found that receptors in the chronic drug users’ brains shrunk by about 20% compared to the healthy group. The researchers declared that the study show cannabis abusers’ brains develop abnormalities, which can be dangerous to physical and mental health.

Marijuana Effect is Reversible
The researchers then continued the study by making 14 smokers abstain from using marijuana for a month. After this period, they found an increase in their brains’ receptor activity, suggesting that the debilitating effects of marijuana smoking are reversible. This important finding can be utilized to develop effective treatments to combat marijuana abuse. The researchers say brain activity can become normal in even chronic pot users, if they desist from abusing the drug.

The study was organized by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse and the US National Institute of Mental Health.

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