Ursolic Acid of Apple Peel Prevents Muscle Wasting – Study Reveals!

ApplesA team of researchers led by Christopher Adams from The University of Iowa, Iowa has identified a compound found in apple peels that can prevent muscle weakening and muscle wasting that is inevitable as we age and fall ill.

The team began to look at the activity of genes in muscles under conditions that enhance muscle weakening and it was found that 63 genes responded differently in mice and people who were fasting. Moreover 29 other genes expressed differently in the muscles of people with spinal cord injury and people who were fasting.

This step was followed by comparison of gene expression signatures of these cells and the cells that were treated with nearly 1300 bioactive molecules.

Through this comparison ursolic acid which is an abundant component of apple peels was found to be effective against muscle atrophy (muscle wasting).

Ursolic acid was then given to mice which were on fast and it protected the mice against muscle weakening during this period. Muscle mass improvement was seen in normal mice when ursolic acid was added to their food.

Animal models which were fed with ursolic acid, after certain period showed low cholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides, and became lean.

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