Salmonella Food Poisoning Cases Rise in the US

US health officials reveal there was an increase in the number of Americans who suffered from food poisoning ailments last year. The rise was driven by salmonella cases. But, E.coli cases fell in 2010, which would comfort those who are worried about the current E.coli outbreak in Europe.

According to CDC estimates, about 50 million Americans suffer from food poisoning annually, leading to around 3,000 deaths. The latest report reveals food poisoning cases in 10 states accounting for 15% of the US population.

In the 10 states, greater than 19,000 food poisoning cases were reported last year, rising from 17,500 incidences in 2009. This led to 68 deaths and 4,200 hospitalizations. On the whole however, food poisoning cases have decreased in the last 15 years.

There is one notable exception. Salmonella is the leading cause of food poisoning in the US. Salmonella cases have risen by 10% in the past few years. Last year, salmonella-contaminated eggs laid low about 56,000 Americans, reveals the CDC. This forced the FDA to usher in new regulations which are expected to reduce ailments caused by salmonella-tainted eggs.

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