High Phosphate Foods May Cause Heart Disease!

A recent study conducted by a group of researchers headed by Dr. Tim Chico from the University of Sheffield has revealed a link between high intake of phosphorous rich foods and atherosclerosis (accumulation of fat in the wall of arteries), a major cause of cardiac disease.

Through this study it was found that regular intake of foods rich in phosphorous leads to piling up of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries. Eventually, narrowing of arteries is seen leading to strokes and heart attacks.

High phosphorous foods include meat (veal and offal), biscuits, dairy products, sweets and cakes. Butter Biscuits Veal Fillet

This current research emphasizes the significant role of low phosphate diet in reducing cardiac disease. Phosphate absorption into the body can also be lowered using drugs known as binders.

According to Dr. Chico, the team may have possibly discovered a novel approach to treat heart disease by decreasing phosphate levels in the blood stream.

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